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Wristbands have gone to the Dogs! Project Blue Collar came to the Rescue.

by Kristin Waters |

In 2004, a little yellow bracelet changed the way we raise awareness.  They adorned the wrists of cancer survivors, supporters and celebrities while uniting people around the world in the fight against the disease.

Simple and inexpensive, the bands created a community that crossed political, geographic, ethnic and age lines while uniting people around the world for a single cause.

The wristband craze may have slowed, but in 2012 Project Blue Collar came to the rescue and transferred the idea over to the dogs.  The Support the Underdog Blue Collar is exactly like our cause based wristbands only it is worn by dogs to bring awareness for dog rescue.  It is meant to be worn, at all times, in addition to a regular collar. It is a conversation starter meant to encourage others to get involved and make adoption their first option.  

Statistics show that approximately 4 million adoptable dogs will enter U.S. shelters this year.  We are currently killing almost half of those dogs. Yet of the 7 million people expected to get a dog this year, only  2 million will be getting one from a shelter or rescue group.  You can do the math…that leaves 5 million.  Think about this.  If we change the perception of only  20% of the 5 million, we can stop the killing.

To date, we have blue collared dogs in all 50 states and 6 continents!  We have collected and shared hundreds of inspirational stories.  We have spotlighted so many of our amazing Ambassadogs and we have shared our success with our growing network of rescue partners.  It is Project Blue Collars fervent community of advocates that truly build the momentum.   The personal stories of your rescue dogs is what inspires others and carries this movement forward.

Now let’s keep that momentum going in 2015 and let’s see just how close we can get to living in a No-Kill Nation.  A Nation that we can proudly say we helped to change.

Thanks everyone!

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