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About Us

PBC began at a CrossFit gym in 2012 when we (Kristin and Carole) met and quickly discovered our mutual passion for animal rescue. Carole was an active foster for Stray Animal Adoption Program and Kristin was a volunteer at Save the Animals Foundation, a facility-based no kill animal shelter.

Between the two of us, we feverishly networked to get dogs off euthanasia lists and do what we could to help animals in need. Carole often brought her fosters to the gym where they found homes, and Kristin even recruited a few volunteers for STAF (and recruited a few volunteers from STAF to join the gym!).

It occurred to Carole one day that we needed a way to identify rescue dogs and find a chance to tell their stories. She thought, “What if there were something dogs could wear to identify that they were adopted. We, humans, wear wristbands to identify our causes; what if adopted rescue dogs could wear collars for theirs?” 

And so, Project Blue Collar was born.

We launched in November 2012 with one product: the Support the Underdog® Blue Collar. It's a simple silicone rubber accessory collar meant to be a conversation starter, a way to tell your adopted dog's story. And by telling the story of your adopted dog, it inspires others and encourages them to adopt – not shop – when adding a pet to their family.

In response to the overwhelming support from people on 6 continents and in all 50 US states, we developed a lifestyle brand to celebrate dog adoption and a way for people to give back to rescue groups through a Buy One, Give One program. Our products are designed for one sole purpose: To show RESCUE PRIDE and make a difference for dogs in need. 

Ready to fuel the Project Blue Collar advocacy engine and be a part something bigger than yourself? JOIN US!