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Thor, not your average superhero

by Carole Feeny |

  • : When my Sully passed I was crushed. I had him from a newborn at 7 weeks. It tore my heart out. Our home was so quiet and hollow feeling. As much as I felt a little torn about having another dog, I knew he'd understand. The second I held Thor I felt so blessed that this little guy was as excited to see us as we were him. He is so loving so affectionate. He brought life back into our home and hearts. We moved to Montana last June and it was so emotional. We all three were getting a new start but it was a little hard leaving behind the home state I grew up in, family and friends but the hardest was Sully. We had his ashes but I felt like his spirit might not come with us. I sat up the night before our move day unable to sleep. Thor must of sensed I was restless. He came over and laid right on my chest. After a little while it dawned on me, that Sully was right there in my heart where Thor was lying. He would never be gone from us. I can't tell you adopting and rescue is for everyone that is heartbroken over the loss of their fur kid or has never had a pet but I will say this...there are too many animals that need love and a home to not share what you shared with your other pets would be such a loss for yourself as much as that one dog, cat, puppy or kitten that needs you.
  • : I saw Thor when I was surfing online after my miniature schnauzer Sully of 15 Years passed away suddenly after a blown heart valve. I wasn't sure I was ready but a little nagging voice said you'll know. I looked at a few dogs but I was a little torn on did I want to rescue a puppy or an adult because I wanted to help all of them. It was overwhelming how many I saw. One evening I saw Thor on MSRH rescue site after a friend on facebook recommend their rescue. Something about the way he stood in the photo made me think he's a fighter. I didn't care how old he was I just knew he belonged in our family. We talked it over. The next day made the decision to apply for adoption. I was nervous a little. I thought what if he doesn't like us. A week after our application was accepted we arranged transport from Texas to our home in Pennsylvania. Then we got a phone call that his dental appointment didn't go well and that they removed all his teeth but the two front canine and did we want to change our minds. My first thought was total shock. Why would that matter? I said of course not. We already knew he was a senior so he wasn't going to have all his teeth. Like his age, it didn't really matter to us. We just knew he needed a good loving home. Thor traveled with Pet LLC transport for three days to reach us. We met at a travel rest area at 3am on a Saturday. He jumped into my arms and sat on my lap for the 20 minute ride home. When we walked into our apartment he ran back and forth for over an hour kissing us and giving hugs. I've never in my life felt more blessed by an animal. It was as if we all knew each other forever.
  • : Online - Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston
  • : Lori & Phil Wildermuth
  • : September 22

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