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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Patty makes us laugh every day. She is goofy and gets these random little bursts of energy that are hilarious! The changes we have seen in her these last few months are amazing. She has gone from a skittish dog who wouldn't look at us and who and seemed confused with living indoors to a wonderful family dog who is affectionate and goofy and loves all the comforts of living in a home! We strive every day to make up for her past and I think that has made us more conscientious as people as a whole. We can't imagine our lives without her.
  • : We saw Patty's picture on PetFinder and she looked so cute we had to see her in person. We went to the Humane Society and met her and she seemed so sad we knew we had to bring her home. She was part of a cruelty case and had lived her entire life outdoors on a farm as part of a backyard puppy mill. When authorities went in it was -22 degrees and there was no food and only frozen water. Since bringing her home in October 2015 she has flourished and seems to know she is now a loved member of our family.
  • : Oakville Milton Humane Society
  • : Scott and Jessie
  • : October 15 2015

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