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by Carole Feeny |

  • : He and my others are so comforting, grounding and I love caring for them, its so rewarding to me knowing they are safe and happy. Please see this link on his rescue story from the streets.
  • : Teddy's picture was posted on FB in Nov 2014, still running with pack dogs on the street near Youngstown OH. He was beat up and looked so lost, I knew I had to bring him home. A wonderful group of local animal advocate volunteers assembled to capture & rescue. I contacted No Fear Rescue and due to the unknowns, he required assessment for several months prior to homing him. I stayed in touch for updates then began to visit him then began meet and greets with my pack (all rescues too). I brought him home for a weekend then Finally the beginning of February 2015 HE CAME HOME! He is an amazingly, happy, GOOD BOY. He loves everyone and the other dogs/cats rescues I have.
  • : No Fear Rescue, Campbell OH
  • : Susan Zordich
  • : Feb 14th <3 !

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