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Oscar de la Renta From Bait dog to Bed hog

by Carole Feeny |

  • : It was a rough road at first with lots of vet trips & meds to find out that he didn't have mange and that it was in fact allergies and it has been so relieving to see him no longer in pain from the itching. Seeing him wag his tail and have a happy face makes us reflect that happiness for him! His fur is almost all back and he is hands down the best cuddler in the house! Which is why I say from bait dog to bed hog and truthfully there's no other way we'd want him to be in his forever home!
  • : My boyfriend and I were looking for a dog online and came across the Wasco Animal Shelter which seemed to have the most pictures with descriptions and we really loved how active they were at encouraging people to come out and adopt. We had an idea of what we were looking for, we knew we wanted a boy cause we already have two girls and we also knew we didn't want a puppy because we'd already gone through that 😉 plus we know that older dogs are not adopted as often. We looked at over a hundred dogs but as soon as we saw Oscar we were instantly drawn to him. Formerly suspected to be a bait dog with scars (also not the first dog that most people would want) and such bad allergies that the shelter thought he had mange. We went to visit him and fell in love with his hopping! I call it that because it's not like most jumps by dogs he curls in his paws and comes right back down, it's the cutest thing! You could see so much love in his eyes that we knew he'd fit right in.
  • : Wasco Animal Shelter
  • : Tara Shackelford
  • : April 3, 2015

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