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Gary Oldman AKA Garrison

by Carole Feeny |

  • : It's amazing to see how a dog who was tied up to a pole on the roof in the Bronx can be such a wonderful, loving, caring, sweet cuddlebug! He just wants to be near his "person" and can't help but jump up to steal some kisses every time we make eye contact.
  • : I took a little break from work and was browsing Facebook when a video came up that was called, "Gary's Last Walk." It was a video of this sweet little pocket pit taking what was supposed to be his last walk since he was on the euthanasia list for that day. If that doesn't tug on the heart strings I don't know what will!! He was a cuddly, energetic puppy that kept giving his walker kisses and hugs. I knew at that point that I couldn't let this guy suffer the fate that many others have. I called the rescue that I have worked with in the past and went to pick him up that weekend at MACC. When I picked him up his kennel cough had already turned into pneumonia and he was coughing and hacking the whole ride home. I brought him to my vet and after some X-Rays he was put on three antibiotics and bronchodialator. After two rounds of that he is finally illness free and is the most AMAZING dog. Soon he will be going to his forever home but I will never forget the time that I've spent with him. He is so loving and sweet, I couldn't have asked for a better pooch.
  • : Manhattan Animal Control - TBD List
  • : Tamara
  • : May 1, 2015

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