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Pittie2020 May 2015 Winners

by Kristin Waters |

When we launched the #Pittie2020 initiative on May 1, we had no idea what incredible participation we would receive from pittie lovers everywhere! We had nearly 900 submissions in the first month of this 5-year campaign to “clear the vision” of pit bulls and “see them more clearly.” ALL of these pictures warmed our hearts and absolutely achieved the objective of Pittie2020. THANK YOU to all who participated!

The overwhelming response in May led us to realizing that we just had to have more than one winner. There are so many deserving photos that we ended up making some modifications to the contest rules in order to give more prizes.

ThePittie2020 co-sponsors – Fetch Eyewear, Jolly Pets, and Project Blue Collar – huddled up to exchange ideas and created the following categories for winners: Overall Best, Most Creative, Most Fly, Best Frames, and Best Dressed. For all except the Overall Best category, there are winners and runner-ups. We’ve also added honorable mentions – named Sponsor’s Picks – from Fetch Eyewear, Jolly Pets and Project Blue Collars.

Drumroll please….

Below are the first winners of the May 2015 Pittie2020 photo contest:


Chango’s numerous photos in glasses made our hearts sing! We so appreciate his mom’s wonderful commitment to Pittie2020 and her enthusiastic promotion of the initiative to Chango’s followers. Chango, you indeed the most handsomest pittie! Follow him on both Instagram and Chango the Handsome Pittie on Facebook.


We love how Parker the foster pup looks like the Red Baron in this stunning photo! Photo by XenatheWarriorPuppy


Most Creative Runner Ups

Rosie and Mia share the same vision… Photo by @88kncorbett


Mr. Cody, you’re so money you don’t even know it! Photo by @Mr._Cody


Lexy, the fairest of them all… Photo by @Lexy_The_Elderbull



Lita’s got it going ON in this pic. No messing with this lady! Photo by @TheWhitestPupsYouKnow


Most Fly Runner Ups

Dozer is the MAN! Photo by @ourhappyshack


Diva, what’s your secret? Photo by @divasthename


A style all of her own… Photo by @pandorable_n_co



How is it possible to ever say no to this face? Photo by @andrea524


Best Frames Runner Ups

We see you Smokey! Photo by @smokeyfranco


Stella – you got our attention! Photo by @thepittiebunch


A style all of her own… Photo by @harley9812



Kingston, you had us at hello… Photo by @hellokingston


Best Dressed Runner Ups

A little diva in the making… Photo by @jl_linan


Oh my, Heathcliff. You are a hunk! Photo by @hunky_heathcliff


Time for a pittie party! Photo by @Bullydogdesigns



Fetch Eyewear

These two. These irresistible sunbathing pitties! Fetch Eyewear loves ya! Photo by Heather Andisio.

Jolly Pet

Jolly Pets thinks this gal is a fashion icon in the making. Photo by @lisadiwnyk



PBC couldn’t resist this guy. Pure derpitude. Photo by @ratsnoot




The grand prize winner receives $125 gift certificate from Fetch Eyewear; a Pittie2020 T-shirt of their choice from Project Blue Collar; Jolly Pets toy donation to a rescue of their choice  (value $125).


All category winners will receive $125 gift certificate from Fetch Eyewear; a Pittie2020 T-shirt of their choice from Project Blue Collar and a Jolly Pets toy donation to a rescue of their choice.


All runner-ups will receive a Match Your Pit Kit from Project Blue Collar


– Fetch Eyewear favorites will receive a $85 gift certificate from Fetch

– Jolly Pets favorites will receive a Jolly Pet toy.

– Project Blue Collar favorites will receive a Pittie2020 T-shirt


We are excited to announce that going forward, we’ll be sharing the management of the #Pittie2020 photo contest on a monthly basis with other pit bull advocates on social media. We’re also letting the monthly social manager of #Pittie2020 select the rescue group to receive the 20% give back from the Pittie2020 store (

In June, The Whitest Pups You Know (on IG @thewhitestpupsyouknow) will be at the helm and will be using their reach to further the message of the initiative. They have selected Casa del Toro Pit Bull Rescue in Indianapolis as the beneficiary of the June Pittie2020 giveback.

Please continue to share pictures and spread the word about Pittie2020 – every photo helps people “see them more clearly.”

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