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Still Smiling

by Kristin Waters |

  • : Sassy was found abandoned in a Kentucky coal mine, pregnant with 2 other dogs, about 4 years ago. The guard at the mine noticed 1 dog but then 2 other dogs popped up the next day. They were starving and sick, not in a good shape. The mine was ready to shut down and the owner gave the Guard 24 hours to get the dogs out or he was going to shoot them. The Guard took 1 photo of the dog, posted it, people started sharing, commented, etc. The Guard was contacted by a local rescue team that wanted to help with the dogs, they set up a fund and raised more than a thousand dollars for them; they were rescued and taken to the vet where they stayed for a while. Sassy ended up having her pups a few days after rescue (She was waiting for the right time).
  • : I had been looking for an older lab to adopt and came across Sassy's picture. Something about her face and her story just kept bringing me back to her. After everything she had been through, she was smiling. Next thing I knew I was filling out the adoption application
  • : Hubbards Hounds
  • : Nancy & Craig
  • : December 28, 2014

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