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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Taco has brought so much joy into our lives, we honestly do not know how we ever lived without him! I was the hesitant one when it came to getting a dog becuase I was not sure if I was ready for the responsibility, but the moment he walked in our house it was like he knew it was home. That’s when I knew it was truly meant to be, that I was SO ready and I’m SO happy he chose us to be his fur parents! Pittie Please Rescue had rescued him, his owner surrendered him to them becuase they couldn’t care for him anymore with their other animals. He sadly lived in a barn alone on a farm. When we got him he was underweight weighting at about 78lbs to now weighing 99lbs and is loving food, but loves water the most! He is so loyal to us and never leaves our side. Any time we leave the room, he follows. Any time one of us is in one room, and the other in another room, he lays in between where ever we are. He is our best friend and I don’t think we could love anything more than we love him! We are SO SO blessed!!!! Also, by the way, he is sort of famous! He starred in the 2018 Bickells Pitbull Foundation Calendar for the month of September with Tony Esposito from the Blackhawks! 🙂
  • : The moment we knew we were meant for each other was as soon as his Rescue brought him for a home visit, he fit right in! When they left, we were expecting him to cry and sit at the door, but he laid right down and it’s like he knew he was home! 
  • : Pittie Please Rescue
  • : Kirsten and Logan
  • : May 12, 2013

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