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Tiny Tina - From Rags to Riche(y)s

by Kristin Waters |

  • : We joke around saying she went from rags to riches. She loves to ride on her golf cart, go for runs in the park and fly on Delta private jets
  • : I took Mrs. Richey to the Humane Society Shelter. We looked over all the dogs, then I placed Mrs. R in her wheelchair in front of Tiny Tina's crate, where they made eye contact. All the other dogs were barking like crazy, but little Tiny Tina just sat calmly as if she knew we were there to rescue her. All the organization knew about her was that she was brought to a shelter in New Mexico then transferred to Colorado Springs. We were allowed to visit with 2 dogs, but after meeting little Tina, who only weighed 7lbs at that time. We knew she was the one. She is now 10 lbs and loved by all.
  • : Humane Society of Pike's Peak Region, Colorado Springs, CO
  • : Florence Richey and Sherry Karr
  • : June 17th, 2018

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