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Stanley: How Ginger Wiggles Woke Up Our Souls

by Carole Feeny |

  • : Through Stanley we have really dove head first into the world of rescue. He is famous for his cuddling of the fosters we’ve taken in. To date he has mothered 10 babies, teaching them about unconditional love and safety. 

    He is also incredibly patient with me and never protests my ideas – whether they are dressing him up like Clark Kent or in a toddler’s costume as a “Standa Bear.” Stan truly is my soul dog. He suckles hands and coos to soothe himself to sleep, follows me anywhere with trusting eyes, and has taught me to be completely content in the moment. 

    Stanley is the most emotional dog I’ve ever met. He feels everything at 110%, showing his megawatt smile when he’s happy and his pout when he’s not. I strive to be a quarter of the person Stanley thinks I am.
  • : Like many rescues, Stan’s start in life wasn’t the best. At 8 months he weighed only 16 pounds – needless to say he was extremely emaciated. 

    Though his body wasn’t strong, his heart always has been. He quickly won over the hearts of his amazing fosters with his signature wiggle and his tail that just doesn’t stop. In fact, he has permanent cuts in the corner of his eyes where he whips himself when he wiggles and wags. Stanley entered my life when I wasn’t looking for him at all. 

    My husband and I already had two rescues, including a VERY dog selective dog, and had no plans on ever having a third. Then one day I was scrolling through Facebook and his face caught my eyes. Though I constantly looked at dogs, something jolted inside of me when I saw him. 

    I like to say it was my soul going “oh! There you are! I’ve been looking for you!” Before I knew it, a home visit was scheduled, his siblings approved, and Stanley soon joined our family. A part of me I didn’t know was always missing was suddenly complete.
  • : Thank Dog Rescue
  • : Sam Kling
  • : July 20, 2014

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