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Pittie2020 October 2015 Winners

by Carole Feeny |

WOW! Another great month in the #Pittie2020 contest! The entries made us giggle and smile, and clearly confirmed WHY this initiative is so important (and so fun).

ThePittie2020 co-sponsors, Fetch Eyewear, Jolly Pets, and Project Blue Collar, along with the October manager of Pittie 2020, Kasey Corbett-Boggs, huddled up to exchange ideas and came up with the following categories based on the entries we received: Overall Winner, Best Dressed Pittie, Most Fly, Best Shades, and Hardest Blue Collar Worker Pittie. And like every month, we’ve selected Sponsor’s Picks as additional winners.

As a thank you to Kasey Corbett-Boggs for her hard work in running Pittie2020 for the month of October, we are making a donation in the amount of $328 to Stray Rescue of St. Louis. This amount represents 20% of the sales generated through the Pittie2020 store link ( Thank you Kasey!

And the winners are….


Nola, you had us giggling for days in your Crazy Cat Lady costume! We pretty much peed our pants at first sight of this picture and got a ton of mileage on Halloween when we posted it on PBC’s Facebook page and IG account. We also loved the “No Haters” picture submitted by @kerryskritters, and believe that both pictures could have also easily won categories for Best Pittie Attitude, Best Pittie Smile, or Happiest Pittie. Thank you for your creativity and ways that you are helping the public “see them more clearly.”


Ever since she was adopted from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Juno has been living the life of a cherished, doted upon member of the family. Her mom @morgantoalsonmills  has a knack for dressing her up and making us continually smile at just what a pretty pittie Miss Juno is! Thank you for showing the world what tolerant, gracious, and utterly adorable dogs these pitties are!


What’s in a name? Well when you combine it with a mug like this, Boris Russell becomes an A-lister and a candidate for the sexiest pittie alive! Thank you @dmrussie for showing that pitties are hip and cool – and worthy of the paparazzi’s attention.



Fabulous Willy, you know how to wear it well! We know that it was an effortless photo shoot with this humble guy. We’d go grandma on him and hold those glorious flaps in our hands if we could. Thank you for this great shot @shadowjaw!


Stan, you are the MAN! @hailtothekling has multiple entries in Pittie2020 and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see all this effort pay off. Stanley looks good in pretty much anything he wears, but this picture sums up his tireless work on behalf of the Pittie2020 initiative. THANK YOU Stanley! You are in our hearts!



Mila, you were a clear favorite for Fetch wearing your stunning frames, clearly making a statement and embodying the Pittie2020 initiative Thank you @thevelvetburritos for submitting such a great picture!


Moose and Jessica were at Red River Gorge celebrating the return of their daddy from the military. Jolly Pets loved that Pittie2020 was a part of such a special occasion! Thank you @THREE_FUR_KIDS for participating in Pittie2020!


This sweet moment just goes to show what loving Nana dogs these pitties truly are. Thank you @pittie.little.chia for sharing this with us and demonstrating what great buddies that pitties n’ kitties can be!

KASEY CORBETT-BOGGS (Pittie2020 Manager for October 2015)

Kasey just loved all the entries from @lifewithwilbur. She says, “Wilbur went above and beyond this month! Including showing us how they were spreading the movement in their area and in public. They were awesome advocates!”



All category winners will receive a gift certificate from Fetch Eyewear good for 1 free order of up to $165, a t-shirt of their choice from Project Blue Collar, and a Jolly Pets toy donation to a rescue of their choice.


From Fetch Eyewear: Winner receives a $85 gift certificate from Fetch

From Jolly Pets: Winner receives a Jolly Pet toy.

From Project Blue Collar: Winner receives a Pittie2020 or PBC T-shirt.

For Kasey Corbett-Boggs’ winner: Winner receives a Pittie2020 or PBC T-shirt.

If you are a winner, please drop us a note here to claim your prize:


Show your pibble pride and get your Pittie2020 swag! Every month, 20% of the sales through the Pittie2020 store is donated to a pit bull rescue to support their lifesaving work. Do your part an help the public SEE THEM MORE CLEARLY by sharing the Pittie2020 initiative far and wide.

SHOP PITTIE2020 HERE or bookmark this link to share with friends:

For more information about WHY we started Pittie2020, click here.

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