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Andy Wiggle Butt Wiggled out of Animal Control Just in Time!

by Carole Feeny |

  • : Andy is the sweetest guy I can imagine and he is Hunter's very best friend. We have fostered a lot of dogs through One Love to show our appreciation for their help in saving Hunter's life for us, but Hunter gets terribly depressed each time one finds a forever home. 

    Andy and Hunter couldn't have been better buddies and brothers, and we never imagined loving a foster dog the same way we loved Hunter. It became obvious that Hunter (and we) would have a terrible time living without him, he fit our lives perfectly, he was like a missing piece to our little family (our cat even loves him). 

    He brings more peace and love to our lives, which is just a priceless thing and he's a reminder to keep making a difference. He reminds us that good dogs like him die too often and that we can make a difference and help them make the move from a death sentence to finding a family who couldn't live without them.
  • : I met Andy when Project Blue Collar dog, Hunter, and I went to meet with One Love Animal Rescue to pull another dog out to foster because she was on her last day. 

    While we were meeting our new foster friend our favorite volunteer brought "Andrew" out to meet us because she knew we have a weakness for "little wiggle butt Bulldogs" and his time was coming soon too. 

    I instantly fell in love and so did Hunter. Andy and Hunter just wanted to play and play. I had to get the original dog we came for out that day (and my husband had a "only one foster" rule at the time) so we had to leave Andy. 

    He didn't have much of a chance because of his high energy level and his future didn't look good at all. My husband even loved him and they agreed to notify the rescue before putting him down, and my husband agreed I could have two fosters if it came to doing that to save Andy's life. I was back at animal control three days later picking up Andy to foster.
  • : Savannah Chatham Animal Control, One Love Animal Rescue Foster Fail
  • : Katy
  • : Pulled from animal control 5/14/15, foster failed August 2015

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