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by Carole Feeny |

  • : This fluffy dog is now a healthy girl and living the good life. Hannah has become more then my bestfriend. After a few weeks of having Hannah in our home she started alerting to my medical condition (epilepsy). Once we realized she could detect an oncoming seizure we decided we were gonna start training. We trained hard for two years and now she is not only my dog but my guardian who accompanies me to work and everyday errands. I'm so blessed to have this dog that was a scared skinny mutt to being my rescued guardian angel. I couldn't ask for a better dog.
  • : It was a warm sunny day in September. My boyfriend and I were just about to close on a house and I decided I wanted a dog. I decided I wanted a rescue dog. So I drove to my local rescue in my town in Washington. I went looking for a Doberman or a Shepherd. I remembered waiting for what seemed like hours for the staff to bring out a dog for me to see. I heard nails hitting the floor and a Black and Tan fluffy skinny dog scared to death come around the corner. As soon as our eyes made contact I started crying, I knew she needed me and she obviously knew I needed her cause she was in my lap in seconds. This is how I met my best friend.
  • : Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue
  • : Kayla L
  • : August 5th 2009 (birthday)

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