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Saved by a Pitbull

by Carole Feeny |

  • : Deboe was always there for me through so many hard times & we had such an amazing bond that anyone could see. Because I saved him from his darkest hour so he did the same for me after he passed. I fully believe he sent Bubba Gump (Gumpi) to me to help me deal with losing him. I believe that even more so now after finding out more details surrounding his rescue in Fort Worth & how he came to me. Gumpi came right as I was feeling like there was no light at the end of the tunnel of mourning Deboe. I'm so thankful he did b/c he has changed my life. He showed me how to be happy again by remembering Deboe & helping other dogs who need it. Between the 2 of them they are my inspiration, my guiding light, my heart, my everything. To have known & loved Deboe & to have & hug Gumpi is truly the best blessing a dog mom could ask for.
  • : After losing my dog of 11 years to Cushing's Disease, I had a horrible time letting him go & getting over him. I was not sure it was possible to share the bond we had again, but little did I know this was all part of the plan. I always said when Deboe was done I would foster so when I seen a beautiful boy on Facebook that needed a temp foster for a week I thought what a great way to try it out & see how it goes with our other animals. I contacted the rescue & he showed up at my house in the middle of the night after arriving from TX on transport. I asked his name when he got out of the car & she said Bubba. My mom came out of the house to see him & said he looks like a baby Deboe to which the rescue mom said how funny it was that her team wanted to name him Deboe, but since she didn't get the reference to the movie they went with Bubba. I knew right then that Deboe had sent him to me, but I wasn't exactly sure why, was it to keep him or was it to tell me I'm doing the right thing by fostering. A couple days later I was still trying to figure out the message & if I should keep the dog. When we were out to lunch with family I was telling them of the story & they asked if I was going to keep him. I stuck to my guns & said no that is not the mission, the mission is the help save as many as possible, not adopt so I can keep fostering. Mom then said we can still foster if you keep him since he's so good with other dogs. Needless to say, I jumped up & called the rescue letting her know he wasn't going anywhere & we met a few days later to seal the deal. Little did I know while I was signing my name to being his mom he was in the backseat of the car eating my MP3 player, haha. He is a giant spoiled baby now & I can't even begin to imagine my life without him.
  • : He was sent to me by my angel Deboe
  • : Annie
  • : 11/22/15

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