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Adoptable Dogs Provide Comfort For Weary Travelers

by Carole Feeny |

...and get more notice and attention as a result.


We just love hearing about folks who find innovative ways to get more pets adopted. With every creative effort to bring adoptable shelter pets to people, the notion that shelter pets are damaged gets dispelled. Municipal shelters oftentimes are forced to euthanize for space despite the animals being perfectly healthy and adoptable. So why aren't more animals getting adopted? Quite simply because they aren't being seen. People avoid visiting shelters for a myriad of reasons: they are too depressing, they aren't conveniently located, or their hours are short, to name a few.

As a life-saving response and to give homeless animals the time they need to find their forever home, foster-based rescue groups and no kill facility based shelters have evolved. These organizations are making the difference between life and death for thousands of adoptable pets at high kill shelters.

One such group, Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue, came up with a creative partnership with Aloft Asheville, and it seems to be working for all parties, including guests of the hotel.

Dog Park at the Aloft Asheville Downtown | Oyster.comAloft Asheville was already dog friendly, but in the summer of 2014 they took that love to a whole new level. The hotel houses one dog at a time from Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue, who wears an "Adopt Me" vest. While the dogs can't accompany guests for an overnight visit, they can accompany them on walks and outings. The dogs can also be adopted by guests staying in the hotel. The program screens and matches each four-legged friend with the right adoptive parent. Since its launch, Aloft Asheville Downtown's dog adoption program has found forever homes for 58 dogs. They are currently on their 59th and 60th dogs.

The one-of-a-kind program allows these homeless dogs an opportunity that they wouldn't have sitting in a shelter. Through the program, guests can connect with the dogs, see their personalities and fall in love with them right in the hotel. Some of the dogs adopted through the program have been adopted in less than one hour.

Rico-8351[2]The hotel's parent company, McKibbon Hospitality, encourages all of its hotels to participate in community service projects. Aloft Asheville Downtown chose to partner with Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue to implement a dog adoption program that makes the hotel a truly unique experience for guests and their dogs, while achieving its mission of helping more dogs become adopted in the region. As a result of the program, overall adoption rates at Charlie's Angels have doubled.

As we always say, once you take the animals to the people, and they are seen in a different environment, they ALWAYS get adopted. Thanks for supporting underdogs, Aloft Asheville and Charlie's Angels! We applaud you for your creativity and innovative approach on behalf of homeless dogs in need!


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