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Roscoe Red Dog/Arrow Blue Dog

by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Brandon Williams

Rescue Dog’s Name

Roscoe Red Dog/Arrow Blue Dog

Where Did You Find Your Dog?

Roscoe was a 8 or 9 months old puppy when he came to Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa in Cincinnati, Ohio. His owner dropped him and his father, ’Jack’ off for a week with no vaccinations and never came back for him. During his ’extended stay’ at the kennel, he was attacked by his own father, due to employee incompetence and not being neutered and then almost died as a result of an attack by a much larger dog, again due to employee ineptitude. He spent much of his time isolated from all dogs and often did not get any one on one human attention either in the large, understaffed building.

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

After Roscoe was attacked by a dog that should not have been allowed to be handled by a newly hired employee, Roscoe had a 4” gash in his neck that was closed first by stitches, and once infected several days later, staples with a drainage tube. When I first met Roscoe one on one, I was helping another employee to dig the sunken end of the drainage tube out of his neck. Roscoe was on minimal pain management, but still held completely still and leaned into me; he was just so happy to be touched! I was so moved by his bravery and tenderness, I knew I had been chosen to save him, and he me.

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

Roscoe is the friendliest dog with very little behavioral problems despite his past. He has some barking issues during walks with squirrel interruptions or occasionally upon passing a large dog, and is a yard defender who kills snakes, but he loves children and cats and just wants to play or be held. He loves being carried under one arm and being held like a baby. This boy has been there for me through the most difficult time in my life. I work for and run numerous Transgender and LGBT organizations while working full time as a third shift emergency veterinary technician at a busy 24 hour hospital. Through it all he never complained at the lack of time I was able to spend with him (he’s been living with my mother across town) and put up with foster dogs and puppies and even doggy daycare. Despite his bad experiences with other dogs, he trusts that I won’t put him in a bad situation. I recently lost my father very suddenly from liver failure, and my boy has stepped up to care and be there for my family while I tie up lose ends and figure out my future living arrangements. He looks after my mom’s older dog when she’s sick as well as my mom herself. He enjoys hopping like a bunny, chasing squirrels, cuddling (he is the most compliant cuddler ever, haha), and the occasional Skittle. His nickname/ soon to be new permanent name is ’Arrow’, after Harry Nilsson’s cartoon ’The Point’. ” Me and my Arrow, wherever we go, everyone knows, it’s me and my arrow!”

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