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Princess Pixie

by Carole Feeny |

  • : I hate to admit, but I had never thought much about bully/pit breeds and we had actually been looking for another breed with no luck. I expanded my search one day and found Pixie's picture, she was 2 hours from our home, but I had to meet her. She is some kind of bulldog/pit mix (whatever she is, she's gorgeous!), but more importantly than her breeds her personality. She is our children's best friend. She is a furry little comedian. She is the smartest animal I have ever met and the sweetest big baby. She has changed my thinking entirely. I speak the truth now every time I hear lies about these sweet dogs and I support organizations trying to break the mold and change people's thinking. I'm so thankful she let's us call her ours.
  • : The moment we walked into the shelter, I knew we would be taking her home with us. There were kittens in crates lining the halls and dogs in each and every kennel outside. We walked to the back and found this tiny little white puppy! (Should not have been tiny...she was 2 months old, but we found out later she had an awful case of worms that was never treated and a staph infection that made her inner legs and tummy sore and a hernia that made putting food in her tummy hurt even more) She was so shy and timid and we were told she was the runt of the litter and all her brothers and sister had been taken a week ago, she was all alone and my heart broke for her. I picked her up and never put her down.
  • : Wishbone in Allegan, Michigan
  • : The Burkeys
  • : Birthday around October 10, 2014 /gotchya day December 29, 2014

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