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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Because of Lila, I start and end every day with a smile and love. Now, after five and a half years together, she continues to amaze me with breakthroughs and with her resilience. I know what it is to love unconditionally and to receive it in return.
  • : Lila's rescue, Poverty's Pets, discussed all of her "issues" in detail with me (due to severe abuse and neglect she was "untouchable"), but I insisted on meeting her anyway. After an hour and a half of walking, she hadn't come near me. Our only interaction was at the end of the visit when I was sitting in the grass with my feet out in front of me...she came up, licked my big toe, and walked away. While this may seem insignificant to most, it wasn't to me because two days prior, I had gotten out of a boot and cast because I'd broken that toe. In that moment it "clicked"--she knew what was hurt on me, so I was going to give her time to heal what was hurt with her. The beginning of our journey was very challenging, but with patience, love, and a lot of treats, she started making breakthroughs. Her first major breakthrough was pottying on the leash because she had gone from having a doggie door in her foster home to having someone she was terrified of standing over her while she tried to go (she was using the corner of my living room for relief instead). On day 13, she pottied on the leash for the first time, was soooooo proud of herself that she kicked the grass, turned around to prance off in victory, tripped over a landscaping brick and face planted! While this may sound horrible, it was this second incident that ensured me we were "meant to be" because I too am clumsy and seeing that she was also, made me so incredibly happy!
  • : Poverty's Pets in Phoenix
  • : Rachel
  • : Birthday is Aug. 27 & Gotchya day is January 26

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