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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Juno has been my constant companion for 4 years now. It took awhile for us to really love one another and become family, due to my emotional issues. She has been with me through an abusive relationship and several moves. I have always been able to count on her to be mine, to love me as I am. For awhile, she was the only reason that got me out of bed and attempted to function, as dramatic as that sounds. She makes me laugh every single day and is the sassy companion I always needed.
  • : It was my second or third time visiting the Humane Society trying to find my companion. I had actually already decided on a pup to adopt, having taken a day to make sure it wasn't just an impulse and that I could actually care for such a young creature. When we got there, I was informed that she had already been adopted. Heartbroken, I decided to look at the other residents. Juno was in a cage with several other puppies, being crazy. They all looked to be around 5-6 months old and she was the one that caught my eye. She was long and lanky and blonde, we matched. We took her out to the yard to meet her and let her run around a play. She was pretty wild and not overly affectionate, she was way more focused on running around. As I watched her run I noticed her gait was off. She was landing funny on one of her front paws, sitting real far back on the pad so her toes splayed out. She didn't seem to notice but it was odd. I sat there and asked "Dr. Google" what could it possibly be... would I be able to afford her medical care if this was a huge long term thing? I was a college student at the time and in a pretty poor place with my emotional health, I didn't want to adopt her if I wasn't sure I couldn't provide for her. In the end, I knew I needed to adopt her, I knew I could care for her and be the one to give her a chance. The fact that no one else at the shelter knew she was injured was the moment I knew.
  • : New Hanover Humane Society
  • : Savannah
  • : 07/08/2010

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