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Annie "The Big Surprise... Buy one, get 4 free!"

by Carole Feeny |

  • : The shelter didn't have an available appointment for another month to get her spayed and all of my dogs are fixed, so I brought her home with an appointment set for her spay surgery weeks later. After she had been with us for a week, she started gaining weight and it was obvious she was pregnant, very pregnant. The shelter and their vet wanted me to terminate the pregnancy, even though our own vet determined that she was 7-10 days from delivery. I just couldn't do it. She had been through so much. After getting called every name in the book and being told that I am the reason shelters are full, we stood by our guns and vowed to do everything we could for our new girl and her unborn puppies. She gave birth a week later to 4 beautiful babies. She was the best mom ever, it came so naturally to her. She was sweet and nurturing and gentle. After everything she had been through, her resilience and love blew me away. She raised and nurtured her puppies and with the help of an amazing rescue group (Austin Dog Rescue), they were all spayed/neutered and vaccinated and found wonderful forever homes! Annie had been abandoned, scared and pregnant... forgotten and overlooked, but she never let it break her spirit. This girl is the epitome of strength and perseverance, undying love and trust in mankind, despite her circumstance. She is the perfect breed ambassador, makes friends everywhere she goes, loves strangers big and small, other dogs, and gives the sweetest little kisses. She continues to blossom and build confidence everyday and she has finally learned what it means to be a dog, a loved member of the family. I wouldn't trade her for the world, she's the best dog I've ever met. She truly loves life and appreciates every moment, every snuggle, every trip to the park. We could all learn a lesson from this sweetheart. You are my heart, Annie. Thanks for reading our story! We saw your facebook post and would LOVE a blue collar for Annie to show off around town and promote your great work!
  • : My husband saw a picture on our local shelter's facebook page of this sweet speckled pit-mix that had been at the shelter for a while and looked like one of our other rescues dogs (Ringo)'s doppleganger. Being a bully breed in a small rural shelter, we knew her chances to make it out alive were slim so I headed straight to the shelter to see if we could foster her. We already had 3 rescues of our own and a foster at home, but something about those sweet, sad eyes called to us. The shelter said they didn't do fosters, but I had to meet her anyway. I waited almost an hour for someone to take me to the "back kennels" that the public can't get to on their own. As soon as she got out of her kennel, she looked at me with the sweetest, saddest face. I brought her outside to play and squatted down to her level. As soon as I did, she put her paws on my shoulders and nuzzled her big old head right into my neck. I was done, smitten, melted, completely in love. She was coming home with us, full house or not. I couldn't leave her there in the loud back room where no one would see her, scared and alone.
  • : Local Animal Shelter
  • : Debbie & Robert Bailey

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