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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Jasmine makes me want to advocate for shelter dogs, she is a wonderful pup and like many others was turned away from human kindness and placed in a high kill shelter. No dog deserves that fate, I hope to be a part of the change needed to help all animals find loving homes.
  • : When I saw that beautiful little dog, I knew she was going to come home with me. When I brought the baby home, we spent the better part of the day removing ticks, she was covered. No one had taken the time to check her for them or remove them, some were as big as finger nails. She looked at me with a look that could only mean thank you after the process was over and she was drying from her bath. She hasn't left my side since 🙂
  • : Estill County Animal Shelter, Irvine KY
  • : Monica
  • : 4/22/15

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