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Pittie2020 September 2015 Winners

by Carole Feeny |

WOW! Another great month in the #Pittie2020 contest! The entries made us giggle and smile, and clearly confirmed WHY this initiative is so important (and so fun).

ThePittie2020 co-sponsors, Fetch Eyewear, Jolly Pets, and Project Blue Collar huddled up to exchange ideas and came up with the following categories based on the entries we received: Overall Winner, Best Pittie Smile, Best Pittie Lover, Best Back to School Pittie, and Best Pittie Superhero. And like every month, we’ve selected Sponsor’s Picks as additional winners.

This month’s Best Overall Winner gets to select a pit bull rescue to receive the Pittie2020 store giveback this month. We’re looking forward to surprising the benefitting rescue with the collective generosity of people who shopped at the Pittie2020 store in September – thanks for your support!

And the winners are….


Don’t confuse these pictures of @rusty_lightfoot for the head shots of the latest Hollywood heartthrob. Rusty is proving that pitties have some mighty mojo and a style all of their own. We think he is a contender for People Magazine’s Hottest Pibble of the Year, don’t you? High paws for dropping jaws, Rusty – you had us at hello!


Hulk stole our hearts on September 1 when this month’s contest kicked off. His picture lives on PBC co-founder Kristin Waters’ phone and is likely never coming off. One look at this mug and and you are flushed with oxytocin, dopamine, love potion #1 – you name it, this Hulk’s got a way to get into your heart and make you smile. And smile BIG! This happy guy is just so sugary sweet that our teeth are almost falling out. Thank you Hulk and @dendogs for sweeping us off our feet with your unbearable cuteness!


All you need is love, and all we need is @pandora_the_pit_bull. If this gal can see the world through love-filled eyes, then couldn’t she teach us all how to see pit bulls more clearly? What a poster girl for Pittie2020! Pandora you get our vote for Best Pittie Lover and know that whomever you meet will do the same.


We’d be the first to hang around @Bennie_the_pitbull‘s locker if we could – because we know there would be a line just waiting to talk to him! We couldn’t resist giving Bennie a nod for being the Cool Kid, the one we’d all love to have on our side.




Sometimes Stan likes to be Clark Kent and let that superhero spirit shine. We can’t blame him because there’s a lot of work around Gotham to change perceptions and help people “see them more clearly.” Stan, we know this get up isn’t anything you’re pretending to be – you are the real deal Best Pittie Superhero we know! Thanks for the awesome pic, @hailtothekling!



@jessls208 you’ve got yourself a definite hunk in Tiki! No wonder he’s your “man crush!”


@ginnythegreat we love the way you show your flair!


Don’t mistake @lifewithwilbur for any ole Minion – nope, he’s in a league of his own! And if you look reeeeeaaallly close, you’ll see his Support the Underdog Blue Collar under that dapper bow tie. Wilbur was a runner-up in the July Pittie2020 contest, and ever since he received his Blue Collar, he’s never left home without it! We so appreciate his dedication to PBC and sharing our movement with whomever he meets. And we LOVE his continual participation and belief in Pittie2020!




This month’s Best Overall Winner gets to select a pit bull rescue to receive the Pittie 2020 store giveback this month. All category winners will receive a gift certificate from Fetch Eyewear good for One Free Order Up To $165; a Pittie2020 T-shirt of their choice from Project Blue Collar and a Jolly Pets toy donation to a rescue of their choice.


From Fetch Eyewear: Winner receives a $85 gift certificate from Fetch

From Jolly Pets: Winner receives a Jolly Pet toy.

From Project Blue Collar: Winner receives a Pittie2020 T-shirt.


If you are a winner, please drop us a note here to claim your prize:


Show your pibble pride and get your Pittie2020 swag! Every month, 20% of the sales through the Pittie2020 store is donated to a pit bull rescue to support their lifesaving work. Do your part an help the public SEE THEM MORE CLEARLY by sharing the Pittie2020 initiative far and wide.

SHOP PITTIE2020 HERE or bookmark this link to share with friends:

For more information about WHY we started Pittie2020, click here.

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