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by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Denny Pierce

Rescue Dog’s Name


Where Did You Find Your Dog?

I originally saw Ox on, an amazing resource for those looking to help with the 
animal overpopulation problem. He was with Stray Animal Adoption Program, based in northern Kentucky. We met at an adoption event and I fostered for about a month before realizing we were inseparable.

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

I’m a self-described dog breed guru. I love guessing mixed breeds and constantly scope out unique breeds. When deciding what type of dog to adopt, I actually ruled out Pit Bulls — for the wrong reasons. The first time I saw Ox, he was surrounded by about 20 other dogs in cages. I was drawn to his sweet, sincere eyes. As someone who usually pegs breed immediately, I knew he was “The One” when it took me over ten minutes before even recognizing he was a pit mix. His spirit just overwhelmed me.

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

The best alarm clock is a smiling dog and a wet nose in your face. I never want to hit snooze.

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