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by Carole Feeny |

There is a lot of information and advice out on the web about how to name your dog.  For most of us, it comes down to understanding the personality of the dog or simply something symbolic to us.  Just yesterday The Today Show aired a segment on the art of dog naming.

For those of us in rescue, naming has actually become a critical element in the adoption process.  Even though many adopters change the animals name immediately, many times it is the name that originally attracts us.  The Project Blue Collar Movement is all about changing the perception of rescue dogs from being damaged to being priceless!  This can start with the name we choose and how we market the dog.  Some of my personal favorite foster names have been:  Tobias Tubalardo Bernardo (he was a chubby St. Bernard mix), Little Ms. Dickens (an especially rambunctious puppy), Big Mike and Little Debbie ( siblings with nicknames Pork Chop and Snack Cake) and Ozzy Tubman.  As someone who fosters hundreds of dogs, I truly appreciate help, at times like this one.  So, thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions on Facebook.  The choice was a tough one and I will be keeping all of the recommendations in a file for future fosters.  But, since I tend to like two names, I would like to introduce Ginger, Mary Ann and Mrs. Howell!

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