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She Had Him At Hello

by Kristin Waters |

Rescuers are no strangers to the fire drill of getting a dog out of a shelter and on its way to a forever home. So many variables are at play with two usual outcomes: things go wrong and well laid plans go awry, or sometimes it's flawless and we all breathe a sigh of relief. In Arya's case, it had a fairy tale ending that none of us could have imagined.

Arya was at a Kentucky shelter where the fate of animals is based on the whims of the warden and if enough animals leave the shelter to create space for others. Frantic to get her out, I secured a spot on the wait list for her at a no-kill shelter, but she needed foster care for several weeks until space opened up. Thankfully, my neighbors kindly agreed to foster her and we arranged to bring her to my vet to get her checked out.

Arya was painfully thin, weighing in at a scrawny 23 lbs. It was obvious that she had been a mother several times over and she had skin infections and worms. She was a sorry sight, but despite that, she showered us with kisses and wiggled her way into our hearts. We were instant goners and hoped that one day, her forever home would feel the same way.

What we couldn't have predicted was that she'd hit the jackpot with the forever home who wanted her!

Dr. Kevin walked in to the examination room and swooned at the sight of Arya. The feeling was mutual. She crawled into his lap, curled into a tiny ball, and wouldn't move. Dr. Kevin said that he had been looking for quite awhile for his first dog with his wife and that she was just perfect. He kept saying: "She's just perfect. Perfect." Dr. Kevin asked if he and his wife could put in an application to adopt her. No application was needed and her days of being in a shelter were a distant memory - Arya was home at last. We were overjoyed that, as a veterinarian, Dr. Kevin has a chance to see a multitude of dogs on a daily basis and he chose Arya. He could see beyond the "damaged" exterior because he could feel how "priceless" she was. Arya's story is an example of our mission at Project Blue Collar. We believe that every rescue deserves a bright future and carries in them the legacy of kindness from those who've ensured their safety. Their value isn't a price tag - it is felt, cherished, and treasured.

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