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Lorenzo ..the dog that was returned to me.

by Carole Feeny |

  • : I have Pocho (adopted too after his owner didn't want to pay the vet bill after surgery), my best friend for 11 years on April 2017..and I knew he was sick..I told my husband that I want to go to the shelter and see if I could find "the dog"..I promise my husband that I will not adopt if I don't feel it was the right one!...I left the shelter...and in the parking lot before leaving I check the website..and there he was!!! Right at that moment, there it was..."returned" Matojo ,2 months old! I run inside like a crazy women....a volunteer was leaving the puppy in the cage..I stop him! I say I'll take him...!! His name now is Lorenzo...he played with my Pocho for a month ..Pocho passed after having a lot of fun with his buddy! I feel God sent me Lorenzo ..the pain of losing my best friend ..was horrible and he helped me . Thank God for Lorenzo...and my Pocho. Don't Buy....ADOPT!!!
  • : He stayed with me while I was sobbing over my dog Pocho after he passed...he stayed right next to me...
  • : Miami Dade/Doral Animal Shelter
  • : Gisela Dandres
  • : 2/21/2017

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