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by Carole Feeny |

  • : She came to me at a moment in my life where I feel I needed her more than she needed me. She has shown me that work, dedication and love can take you a long way. After fighting with depression for years, she helped me improve and she continues to do so. She is goofy and thankful for everything that she has. She has so much love to give despite what she has gone through and has shown me that life has something to look forward to each and every day.
  • : I found Opal early in the morning. I lived with my boyfriend at his mom's house and one morning she woke me up before going to work. She told me to go outside as soon as I could. As I stepped outside I was greeted by a tall dog that looked like a boxer/pitbull mix. And it broke my heart. She was extremely malnourished and had open infected wounds all over her body. Instantly I called a friend of mine who worked with a bully breed rescue team and she helped me with the her wounds. She lent me a kennel and some blankets and the rescue team donated can food for her. Initially I wasn't going to keep Opal (now named). I was just going to be her foster until her wounds healed but then one day, it happened. I was sitting down outside as I watched her run around. Suddenly she stopped, walked up to me and pushed her head onto my chest and snuggled up to me. I believe that she was thanking me and as I hugged her, I realized that I also needed to thank her. Because I felt that together we were both healing. That same day, my boyfriend told me that maybe we should adopt her instead. She was part of the family now and it wouldn't be the same without her because she brightens up everyone's day. It's been 5 months with her now and she loves and protects to her full potential. She's extremely friendly and makes friends everywhere she goes. We can't imagine a day without her.
  • : In front of my home
  • : Elena
  • : 01/22/2017

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