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by PBC Admin |

  • : June has showed me the power of forgiveness and unconditional love. There is not a day that passes that she doesn’t show me how much she loves me- from her gentle good morning kisses to her welcome home butt wiggles and snorts. Even on my worst days, she chooses to stay by my side. We are not sure of her backstory, but running away from a home that used her for breeding while hearworm positive, she has learned to trust us and accept our love. When she could have turned her back on humans, she chose not too. I can not imagine my life without her.
  • : I wish I had a happy, funny story about the moment I knew we were meant for each other, but our story is much different. Since June was a stray, she needed to be taken to the vet immediately to be evaluated. Her blood work came back heartworm positive- and that was the moment I knew we were meant for each other. She had had a hard life and needed someone to depend on and someone that would, without any doubt, take care of her. I knew from that moment on we would never give up on each other.
  • : She was a stray found at Fireside Pizza
  • : Ceris
  • : 6/5/2016

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