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by PBC Admin |

  • : I have two senior pups and we had settled into quiet days at home. Baldwin has reenergized the house with his puppy energy and funny antics.
  • : Baldwin had a traumatic past - he was found covered in bite marks in a ditch in Cook County, Illinois. He was taken to the shelter but he was shut down and just sat in the kennel like a rock. Chicago English Bulldog Rescue picked him up from the shelter and helped him recover in a loving foster home. I met him with my other two pups and he avoided us for an hour but then he finally gave us a chance and we all fell in love with him. I love seeing him overcome his past and his fears. It took MONTHS before he was willing to leave the front yard to go for a walk but now he loves going out to explore on walks. His favorite leash is his Project Blue Collar rescue leash :) He will always have scars on his legs from his past but now his personality is the first thing people notice about him - excitement to meet people and play!
  • : Chicago English Bulldog Rescue!
  • : Lindsey
  • : Adopted 9/22/18 when he was estimated to be about a year old.

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