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by PBC Admin |

  • : Archer has made me realize how important it is to enjoy every single day and to love the moment I'm living in. He is happy to see me every time we're apart, whether it's been all day while I'm at work or first thing in the morning when we wake up to see each other. He enjoys his food, his family, his toys, the freedom to run in our yard or take a walk through the neighborhood - reminding me to enjoy the simple things as I live them. Archer teaches me every day to love myself and see myself through his eyes, and I can never repay him for that.
  • : My partner and I went to a rescue event to look at 12 week old female puppies (I was convinced I had to have a female baby). They were yapping and climbing and totally adorable and when I turned to my partner he was kneeling down in front of Archer's (he was Wilson then) crate. Archer was 7 months old, very calm and just watching the action. Not barking or going nuts, just observing. Mitch told me "I like this one" and I said "but that's a boy!" The rescue volunteer swooped over, scooped him out of his crate and put him in my arms before I could protest and say "but he's not a baby!" Archer delicately placed his front paws on my shoulder, lay his head down on them and sighed. I looked at the volunteer and said "We'll take him!"
  • :A rescue event for Sweet Dreamhouse Rescue in Norwood, Ohio
  • :Stacy Cox
  • :10/1/2011

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