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by PBC Admin |

  • : How has she not? She shows us so many things everyday...loyalty, unconditional love, laughter...she’s an amazing little girl! Her former owner passed away and she was placed at the Lucas County Canine Care and Control center here in Toledo, Ohio. She spent 5 months at the shelter, as she was passed by, I think primarily due to age (she’s 4). She’s shown us that you don’t give up. She didn’t. She stayed true to herself and found her forever home.
  • : Duby’s Dad and I went originally to meet with two other dogs at the shelter we had seen online. We were outside with them. One was a bit too much for us, and we did enjoy our time with the next. Right before our visit ended, Duby and a volunteer came outside and I looked over and saw this beautiful blue/fawn Pit Bull that was not only playful but sweet. I had her come up to the fence, she began wagging her tail and doing her “butt wiggle” and I said I had to meet her. We spent time with her and the volunteer, Tara, and I fell in love. Though I work 3rd shift, I stayed up the next morning to go back to adopt her. I even frantically called the shelter first thing and told them that I was on my way to adopt her so please don’t adopt her out before I got there!
  • :Lucas County Canine Care and Control in Toledo, Ohio
  • :Melanie Switzer and Steve Franklin
  • :October 11, 2018... her Gotcha Day

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