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  • : I never had a dog before but my husband grew up with them so when we moved to a place that allowed pets we knew we would get one - I was hesitant but I was wrong to be. Felix is a true member of our family. I’m amazed by how smart he is and the unconditional love he shows to every person he’s around. My goal is to get him certified so I can share his joy for life with more than just us. As a Parvo survivor we had a rough first few months getting his diet squared away but he’s healthier than ever now and still has amazing puppy energy at 5years old.
  • : We went just to look, and he and I locked eyes across the parking lot haha. I was drawn in by how quiet he was being and the ears! We were one of the first ones to the adoption event that day and as soon as we took him out of the crate and had control of the leash I knew we weren’t leaving without him. What we didn’t know until we signed the paperwork was that he was the TV featured “adopt me” pup that day so lots of people were coming out to see him. He sat in my lap very timidly but trusting the whole way home. We’ve been attached to the hip ever since.
  • :SAAP at a Petco event
  • :Caitlin & Nick
  • :9/28/14 adoption day

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