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  • : I actually have 3 rescue dogs and they have all changed my life in profound and different ways. Being involved with dog rescue as a dog mom and foster mom has taught me patience, humor, and has helped me open my heart to even more love.
  • : I knew that Comet and I were meant for each other the night I met him. I was a foster dog mom at the time and we received a report of a dog that had been chained to a front porch for months on end. I sprung into action and got the owners to relinquish the dog, a gorgeous albeit fat and clearly neglected purebred Golden Retriever, to my rescue group. I went to pick up the dog that they called "Thorn" (like, what, thorn in your side??) I approached him cautiously since he had 3 chains around him and I knew that sometimes dogs on chains could get a little mad about having their space invaded but he instantly struggled to get as close to me as possible, even peeing a little in his excitement to get to me. I carefully took off all of his chains and slid the lead that I had brought over his neck. He happily trotted to my car with me and I got him settled in the backseat of my car. When I climbed into the front I heard him let out this huge sigh of relief and I knew that he knew he was safe. I have loved him ever since. Some bonds can't be broken. Comet knows that I saved him and while he will take attention from anybody he can, there is no other human for him than me. He is the most loving, gentle and sweet dog that I have ever met. Even after all the abuse he went through (I tested him and found harsh reactions to sudden arm movements proving that he had also been hit in addition to being chained up and neglected) he loves me and the other dogs and cat and goes through life as happy as can be. I don't know what I would do without this dog in my life. He is everything.
  • :Chained to a porch in a less than stellar neighborhood
  • :Rebecca Somogyi
  • :September 24, 2016 - adoptiversary

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