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Princess Parlay the pittapotomous

by PBC Admin |

  • : Parlay is a pitbull who could be the poster dog for the loyalty her breed is known for. Parlay started out with a hard life. Someone intentionally lit her on fire and left her to burn. A man involved with a rescue intervened and brought parlay to the vet where she was treated for burns. She lost an ear and had to endure several painful skin debridements. She went through a false pregnancy due to trauma and during x-rays the vet team found she had also been shot before. Parlay had every right to not trust humans and all she did was show love, compassion, and thankfulness towards the team and everyone she met. She inspires me to forgive and to love deeply.
  • : The rescue organization called my ex husband to see if he could foster parlay after she was well enough to leave the vet office because he was a K9 police officer and they knew we were big dog lovers. My ex could not at the time so he called me. I had a young child and just getting ready to move into a new house and didn't think it was a good time, but her story touched me and I at least wanted to visit her. I saw her one (I took my child with me). They wanted me before they broth her out that she was still healing and might not react well to my son and to keep him away. They brought her out she came straight to us at couldn't keep her away she loved him from first sight. That did it for me. She didn't know us. She didn't have to trust us. She didn't have to love us. But she did. She acted as if we were already family. We WERE already family. We brought her home to my now husband's house where she loved until we all moved into the new house. We've had her four years now and our family would absolutely not be complete without her. We knew she would be a challenge and it would be on going care. Parlay has undergone multiple drs visits and multiple surgeries that are still ongoing but she's the perfect patient and we viewed to never give up on her. We will continue to do whatever we need to do for her because she deserves a second chance just like she gave us humans a second chance.
  • :Southgate veterinary clinic in Indiana
  • :Ashley and Jordan Sherman
  • :4/21/2015

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