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Hero, The dog no one wanted

by Carole Feeny |

  • : I can't think of just one way Hero changed my life, but if I had to, it would be to conquer your fears. I look at him when he is trying something new and the look on his face is so innocent, he looks up to me for guidance - and with the right amount of guidance he tries. And as for his trust in me - no words can describe it.
  • : I was sitting on my computer, scrolling through my Facebook as I do on any other day. When this little battered dog came up on my feed, it just broke my heart. I thought, wow, what a handsome dog. He was nameless, curled up in the corner - looking as if he gave up on life. He seemed like nothing but a shell, and had just completely given up. I thought, I am going to save this dog. I called my husband in tears - as we already have two rescued dogs and I work full time. He said, "I am sorry, Hun, we just can't take in three." I asked if we could foster him and find him a home. My husband agreed on those terms, "foster only." And it began, I was determined to pull this guy out of his California shelter. I did not know how long he had - but in his state, I knew it wasn't long. I called the shelter to get more information on him. They didn't know much - just that he had a severe cause of mange, needed vet attention for various wounds, was shut off from everyone, malnourished and that he had been hit by car and brought in. As I listened to the lady tell me this, I was broken inside. This poor little guy had been through it all. She asked if I wanted him - I said, yes - but I needed to make arrangements as I live in Vancouver BC. She told me to make them fast. At this point I reached out to everyone that I knew in the rescue community. Sadly, going into summer everyone had the plates full and their wallets were tight. I reached out to a rescue called L.E.A.S.H Animal Welfare Society, where I have done some volunteering and adopted my little chi, Nyx. TI told them hi story and asked, "What can I do, how do I get him here, what can be done?" They told me what needed to be done, but the costs were going to be far too high for them to cover (in addition, he needed to be vetted for at least 2 weeks to be well enough to come to Canada). So I said what if I fundraise for him? They agreed, and within the hour, he was pulled out of the shelter and headed to the veterinarian. I began fundraising and turned to Instagram - and some pretty amazing people and companies stepped up to donate prizes. We held a 3-day auction via my Instagram account and raised over $1500 dollars for my little man! I called the vet office every few days to check on him. I had named the dog with no name "Hero" as I knew he needed a someone to be his hero - and he needed a strong name. Finally the day came where he got to come home and meet me. I was all set to pick him up. His transport was late and the anticipation of meeting him grew. I wanted nothing more to open his kennel and have him jump into my arms and cuddle and lick me. Everyone told me to stop thinking they way - he is going to have fear issues and possibly aggression issues. I said that's fine I will handle it. Finally the car pulled up and I ran opened the door (I am pretty sure the car was not even stopped yet). I opened his kennel, and lo and behold, my sweet Hero jumped into my arms and just licked and licked me. At that moment I thought, your mine! From day one I fought for this little guy, and he seemed to know. It's like he fought to get better so that he could come to me. I brought him home and introduced him to my pack. I was ready for him to be aggressive or defensive, so I had my house divided up just in case. But it was like he was a long lost pack member. He greeted them with such trust and they accepted him instantly. I was amazed! My dogs are well socialized but they enjoy humans more than other dogs. It just reassured me how much Hero was meant to be a part of our family. However, it has not been easy for Hero. He has demons, and you can see they affect him sometimes. We joke he has doggie depression, but thankfully walks are his drug. We have learned his body language and give him space when he needs it. Despite al this, he has been a little joy in our pack. And I would not do anything differently. Hero is my shadow and we have bond like no other - the admiration in his eyes when he looks at me breaks my heart. He thanks us everyday - and if you are lucky enough to get Hero cuddles, you will find out he actually cuddles you! He holds you in his paws, head on your chest and sighs of happiness. Even though my husband was not 100% on board in the beginning, I can now catch the two cuddling on the couch. It's a perfect beginning to what have could been a horrible ending.
  • : San Bernardino Shelter
  • : Melissa
  • : May 16, 2015

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