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by Carole Feeny |

  • : My husband and I volunteered to transport for a rescue back in 2007. We were huge failures as we ended up with three dogs that year. Our first, Bear, was a huge, hairy, road worn old man that came to us heartworm positive. He was sick the first summer, undergoing heartworm treatment, but he never gave up the fight. He was an incredible old guy, totally sweet and loving to everyone and everything he met. He never barked, only yipped(a strange sound coming from this big guy) when he wanted something, like another dog moved out of the doorway or a snack. He would charge out of the gate to go to the neighbors to get something to eat on occasion as well. He was just happy with life and grateful for love and care. One of his very favorite things to do, besides eat, was to just lay on the porch on pleasant days, soaking up the sun. He lived life to the fullest despite multiple health issues for the next 3 years and he started us on a path to always rescue an old dog when we could because they are such hidden gems. Because of him, we have adopted 4 more old dogs since that time. Though time with them may be short, it is well worth it.
  • : We picked him up at a rest stop in northern WV from another volunteer transporter. When this big old hairy fellow slowly ambled out of a tiny red Tracker, we knew we were in love and no other name would fit but Bear. A month or so later, I ran across a very old brass pet picture frame I bought in a box of junk at a flea market. On the bottom was the name Bear. I knew at that moment we were always fated to come together.
  • : He was at a kill shelter who recognized what a great dog he was. They contacted the rescue volunteered to transport for.
  • : katdog67
  • : March 2007

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