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BOGO Spotlight: Seva Dog

by Carole Feeny |

As a part of our commitment to giving back to rescue groups, we select two organizations every month to be the recipient of our Buy One Give One (BOGO) program. Our BOGO program is based on online sales from two of our leash and collar collections (I Am A Rescue or Support The Underdog). For every collar/leash purchased from these collections, one is donated to a rescue group.

We are thrilled to announce that SevaDog is our BOGO recipient from October 1-15th. We asked them a few questions to get our supporters familiar with the impact they are making on the animals and people in their community.

PBC: What is your organization’s story?

SevaDog was founded when our founder was bringing home dogs from the shelters and rescues she volunteered with. There is no safety net for dogs who are too stressed for adoption. Shelters and rescues had no resources to help when a dog needed extra training, was too stressed in the shelter setting, or “red listed” for euthanasia. A family approach to rehabilitation transformed the last chance dogs. In 3 years we’ve grown from a few dogs at home at a time, to the first training and rehabilitation center in Oregon who truly never give up on their dogs. We offer lifetime support on our property in the country for our dogs. There’s no time limit, we approach each dog as an individual deserving of life, love and family. Providing excellent medical care, training, and a safe place to call home as they wait for their forever families. A wonderful group of volunteers and the founding family, a single mom and her 4 children, together, continue to build a no kill mission as a extended family of compassionate and talented dog lovers. We have beat all odds in life just like the dogs who would not be alive today if SevaDog didn’t exist. We’re a last chance, volunteer ran, licensed kennel, rescue, training facility, who never gives up!

PBC:  Tell us about a memorable rescue.

A Pit Bull named Bunny made headlines with her rescue. She came to SevaDog after Hope for Paws rescued her from the desert. She was abandoned and living like a wild animal. Her video went viral, and she still gets applications! What people didn’t realize is she was a feral dog. It took serious dedication to teach her to be a domestic animal. She would build stairs using materials from around the house that she dragged to any window she thought she could jump out of! Most feral dogs don’t want to be indoors. Bunny would look out the window and squeel at the top of her lungs when she saw a dog she wanted to play with walk by. Even though she had a pack of 4 dogs right there to play with! She was a master escape artist. She once removed the boards to our fence to get next door to play with the neighbor dog with me in the same yard! She could jump 8 foot fences as well, with you right there next to her!

Suddenly she fell ill, deathly ill. She was hospitalized for several days. She had so much sand in her lungs that they stopped functioning normally. The doctors prepared us for a lifetime of respitory distress. We were devastated. We took her home, gave her round the clock care and pulled her through her first infection. We got back to training and soon had a domesticated angel of a dog who loved everyone. She was the most playful, loving, forgiving, and soulful dog I’ve ever known. Turned out she never got sick again. Her immune system made a complete recovery. She was adopted by a wonderful family and is still famous! She even has her own Facebook page! This is her rescue video that went viral-

PBC: Tell us your most challenging moment in the rescue and how you got through it.

A year ago I suddenly became a single mother of 4 kids and 32 dogs. We lost our home, our car, I was a career volunteer with no income, and then the building the rescue was ran from was to be sold. I had 3 weeks to find a place for 32 dogs, all “last chance” dogs who would be euthanized if I didn’t find a solution. There are no words to describe this. Euthansia was NOT an option. We had to find a solution. I have a deep love for my dogs, I will never let them down. They’ve already been let down, more than once. Everything lined up perfectly and we found a property to rent with a full kennel and tons of room for all of us. I was determined to raise enough money to buy the place to ensure we’d never go homeless again. And with the kindess of a past adopter, the property owners, and the generosity of others, we bought the place within 8 months. Against all odds we survived and THRIVED! We’re not building Oregons first sanctuary.

Help us help SevaDog! Get a leash or collar from our BOGO collections, and we’ll donate the same to them.

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