Giving Back

As a social enterprise company, PBC has been committed to giving back to rescue organizations from day one. We donate product and funds to rescue organizations in two ways: Through our PBC BOGO (Buy One Give One) program to supply collars and leashes to rescue groups, and funds generated by our Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards campaigns. We also give product donations to rescue groups for their fundraisers and events.


Our BOGO (Buy One, Give One) program is based on sales from all of our collar and leashes.

For every collar or leash purchased, a I Am A Rescue or Support The Underdog collar/leash is donated to a rescue group. The retailers who carry these lines select the rescue organizations they wish to support. For sales through PBC’s online store, two rescue groups per month are selected to receive the donated collars and leashes.

Rescue groups who are the beneficiaries of the BOGO program are called PBC BOGO Rescue Partners. Groups best suited for the BOGO program are ones who actively engage with their supporters and can consistently share the message of PBC through a variety of communication tools (social media, emails, on their website, etc.). The more awareness that the Rescue Partners can create about the PBC BOGO, the more they value they get out of it.

Contact us to become a PBC BOGO Rescue Partners. Once we receive your information, we’ll contact you within 7 business days to discuss next steps.


Our goal for the Looking Backward, Moving Forward (LBMF) campaigns is simple: To ease the burden of medical emergencies on small rescue groups by raising funds in a time-sensitive manner. PBC does this by initiating a campaign where a portion of sales from a PBC product is donated to the rescue group.

The LBMF campaign recipients are selected based on the dog’s medical case and size of the rescue group. PBC generates awareness about the dog in need and ways to donate directly to the rescue group through emails and social media channel. Our LBMF recipients also do the same to communicate to their supporters about generating the PBC donation.

Below are two examples of recent LBMF campaign beneficiaries. Contact us if you would like more information about the LBMF campaigns.