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Ellie the cuddle bug

by Carole Feeny |

  • : Adopting Ellie was the best decision ever! She is the sweetest , most loving dog anyone can ask for. Everyday after I get home from work, she will be at the door, impatiently waiting for me. The moment I open the door, she is there to give me tons of doggy kisses and hugs. Ellie has made me realize how much love and passion I have for helping rescue dogs. A few months after her rescue, I started following ASPCA and searched for local shelters websites to see what I can do to help the dogs in need. My Fiance and I were able to visit local shelters and donate things that they needed and given the opportunity to spend a little bit of time playing with the dogs at the shelter. Adopting Ellie and having her in my life has inspired me to educate myself and others to Adopt and not buy! She has provided me nothing but joy and happiness!
  • : When my Fiance and I first met Ellie at her foster, she was a bit shy but very friendly. She interacted with the both of us shortly upon arrival. She was super cuddly and just loved to give kisses. My Fiance and I both looked at each other and knew she was the one!
  • : Starfish Animal Rescue
  • : Alice
  • : 10/30/15

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