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Delilah ”Danger” Salvin

by Carole Feeny |

Adopter Name

Julie Eppers and Bill Salvin

Rescue Dog’s Name

Delilah ”Danger” Salvin

Where Did You Find Your Dog?

My husband wore me down. After years… literally years… of wanting a dog, I was finally ready. As fortune had it, we both found one we loved online through two rescue groups. We decided to see them both… and, since Bill was the one who truly wanted a dog, we went to see his first. She was a beautiful girl, but we were told she was a little bit skittish around men. She was not a good fit. We then talked to the foster parents of Delilah, filled out an application, and set up a home visit. Delilah was fostered through a local rescue group… was about six months old… and cute as could be. We were excited to meet her… and really hoped she would be a fit. Little did we know just how much this little girl would change our lives.

Tell Us About the Moment When You Knew that You Two Were Meant for Each Other.

We asked Delilah’s foster parents (Gabe and Casey) if they would bring her along to the home visit. Before they got there, I turned to my husband and said, ”Now, we are not going to make any decision on the spot… we need to discuss this first and be sure.” When Delilah came in the door, she barked at us, then immediately went to the cat’s dish and ate all the food. She was sweet and shy, and so beautiful. I turned to Bill and said, ”We have got to have her!” So much for not making the decision on the spot! Gabe and Casey had six other people interested in her… so we knew we had to wait. We also knew she was ours. After they left, we called to let them know that we were already in love… and that we very much wanted to adopt her. Gabe and Casey said that they had already cancelled the rest of the home visits because they, too, knew Delilah was ours. It’s been a love story ever since.

How Has Your Hero Changed Your Life?

Delilah is an ambassador of joy! Since she has been in our lives, we laugh every day. Dogs ground you… keep you in the moment… and help you truly appreciate the little things in life. Delilah has taught us the importance of playtime… the renewing power of naps… and to always greet your friends with unbridled enthusiasm. She has brought us the world through her amazingly vivid eyes. Love has taken on a whole new meaning with Delilah in our lives. We are grateful for her… every single day.

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