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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Charles has changed me in so many ways. When I think of what he must have lived through and the pain he was once in it make me so angry I that I can't help but cry. He's taught me about love, trust, resilience and forgiveness. He goes to bed with me every night and wakes up with me each morning. He is the perfect big brother to my other rescue Ghost and a friend to every dog he meets. He still has his moments, we call them his doggie PTSD episodes but over the past two years they have gotten a lot better. I will never live another day of my life without a pitbull rescue and not a day will go by that I won't think of Charles. He's my baby and best friend. Check us out on Instagram if you like under: s_u_z Thanks for all you do! Suzzie and Charles
  • : The day Charles and I met my life changed forever. It was the first week of August 2013. I was driving home on highway 77 around dusk when I saw a figure standing in the median. He looked like a little shadow and I could tell he was a dog. As I got closer to him I can remember thinking "Please don't run. Please don't bolt into traffic!" But that's exactly what he did. I quickly pulled over to the side of the interstate, there was one lane left between us. An 18 wheeler passed through the lane separating us and I screamed. I thought for sure he has been hit but once it was gone there Charles stood shaking in absolute terror. He must have known I was there to help or he was just so scared and tired because he came right to me and jumped in my car. I have never seen anything so skinny in my life and he had a wire inbedded in his neck. After going to the vet I learned he was with a week or so from starving to death, was heart worm positive and if the malnutrition didn't kill in the wire would have. He was 45lbs that day. Today he is 90lbs, heart worm negative and the best friend I could have ever asked for.
  • : Charlotte NC, running on the highway.
  • : Suzzie
  • : August 2013

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