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BOGO Spotlight: Luvfurmutts Animal Rescue

by Carole Feeny |


As a part of our commitment to giving back to rescue groups, we select two organizations every month to be the recipient of our Buy One Give One (BOGO) program. Our BOGO program is based on online sales from two of our leash and collar collections (I Am A Rescue or Support The Underdog). For every collar/leash purchased from these collections, one is donated to a rescue group.

We are thrilled to announce that Luvfurmutts Animal Rescue is our BOGO recipient from April 16-30. Luvfurmutts was one of PBC's early partners when we launched and where PBC co-founder Kristin Waters adopted her cherished senior chihuahua, Peppie. LFM is a small breed rescue serving the greater Cincinnati and tri-state area in Ohio. They rescue small breed dogs (specifically seniors) from high kill shelters where they would have no other hope. PBC asked Lauren Jacobs, board member and social media director, a few questions about LFM to get our supporters familiar with the impact that LFM is making on the animals and people in the Cincinnati regional community.

1) What is involved in keeping a foster-based rescue going? (How many adoptable dogs are in your program? Where do your dogs come from?)

To keep a foster-based rescue going requires A LOT of committed volunteers because without them, we wouldn't be able to save any dogs. From transporters to foster parents, everyone counts when getting a dog into our rescue. The amount of dogs that our rescue has can vary at any time, but we are generally a smaller rescue, which again is why our committed volunteers are so important. We are truly blessed that we have help from individuals just as passionate about saving animals as us. We work as a team to pull dogs from high kill shelters or Senior Citizen owners who are going into nursing homes and cannot care for their companion any longer. Our main focus is senior dogs, as they are the first to be euthanized in shelters. Although a dog may be in their Golden Years, they still deserve to live out the rest of their life in a loving family. We particularly love when we can adopt a senior dog to a lonely senior citizen as they now have a close companion. We do our best to find the right home and fit for the dog so they never end up alone or abandoned again. Our senior program is the main reason LuvFurMutts was created. LuvFurMutts prides ourselves in being a no-kill rescue and we take care of our dogs to the end of their life if needed. Even if this means taking care of them for years, we never give up on our dogs.

2) What are some of the things your group is known for?

I believe one of the main things our group is known for would be not backing away from helping a dog due to medical issues and or aggression. We actually created our Mutts in Training program because we had so many dogs that either due to medical complications or behavioral issues, were still in our care and in foster homes, but not ready yet to be adopted. Mutts in Training are dogs that LuvFurMutts Rescue is currently fostering and rehabilitating to an adoptive state. While you may be thinking we are teaching our dogs to "sit" or "stay" with the term "training" in our title, that could not be more far from what we are doing. We are taking the term training a step further and are working on their emotional and physical well-being; whether that be rehabbing them to be able to be touched by a human being or mending health issues. Most of our animals have experienced pain, loss and suffering prior to joining our rescue, so they're desperate for love and affection. Many times, the love and security experienced by our dogs in their foster homes is the first such love and security they have ever felt. It's the sad reality we face everyday. However, the dogs in "Mutts for Training" go beyond that spectrum. They may have been abused only for their puppies and never touched a paw on grass, or they could be so scared of human contact that we have to teach them to trust us. They are special dogs that although not being ready for their forever home yet, we are not giving up on and still giving them a chance at a happy ending. We like to think we are unique in the fact that we don't shy away from dogs that may need more time and work from us. If anything, we step up to a challenge and know that with time and love, a dog can learn to well, just be a dog again. Click here for more details.

Another fun fact that we are known for is George Clooney adopted a dog from us for his parents back in December 2015. All details were handled by George's very efficient personal assistant, Angel. Angel said George picked Nate out, then showed him to his Mom, Nina, on YouTube. She watched his video over and over and she fell in love. Nate is one lucky pup!

3) Describe some of the more challenging moments in rescue and how you/the other volunteers got through it.

Some of the more challenging moments in rescue is dogs that have just had it so bad. We feel like we have seen it all, yet we still are surprised sometimes by the lack of empathy some show towards animals. We won't share gory details, but it can get pretty bad. We wish we could say we were numb now to that part of rescue, but unfortunately the only way to get through it is to help them. We cry for them, we try to understand what they have been through and we do our best to teach them that they will never be hurt again. We have to be their voice.

4) What is the most rewarding part about fostering? What would you say to others who are considering fostering for a group like yours?

The most rewarding part about fostering is knowing that you made a difference. Seeing your foster dog get adopted and then getting updates weeks, months, years later, of them being spoiled at Christmas time or going to the ocean for the first time; it is amazing. Without YOU they would have died. To others considering fostering for a group like ours is the more foster parents we have, the more dogs we can save. Being a foster parent to any of our LuvFurMutts dogs is a very rewarding experience. Most of our dogs have been through more than any dog should ever experience in a lifetime; such as loss, suffering and pain, so they are in desperate need for love and affection. As a foster parent, you offer them their second chance at a new life. Another perk of fostering with us is LuvFurMutts supplies all the medical care for the dog, the food, the crate. You just supply the love. If you have been thinking about adopting a dog, or want a playmate for the dog you have, fostering can turn out to be very beneficial for you and will help us all save another dog's life.


From April 16 - 30, buy any item from our BOGO collection and we'll donate the same to Luvfurmutts!

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