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Sweet Sochi Therapy Dog

by Carole Feeny |

  • : My life has dramatically changed in such a meaningful way. We wake up everyday with a message to share with the world. We wish to change the image her negative "Pit Bull" label carries. We educate children on humane education in our local schools, dog bite prevention, human kindness and the need to end breed discrimination. We visit our local senior centers weekly to share compassion and friendship. We live for the moment to change at least one heart at a time. "Kindness Is Contagious"
  • : It all started with my typical flip through FaceBook one early morning February 7th 2014 when I spotted a cross post from Old Yeller Ranch Rescue “Foster needed for Momma & her unborn puppies" She only has 3 days left to be rescued!”-San Bernardino. Something about this photo grabbed my soul. We went through a very long recovery from her being a throw away momma, discovering she had been dumped 2weeks after giving birth and loosing her babies. Then to almost loosing her life from pneumonia. My determination to pump life back into her broken soul was very powerful, and I never gave up. We grew very close and today we have an amazing bond and are an unstoppable team. We work everyday helping other.
  • : San Bernardino Animal Center, California
  • : Dee Folgner-Diaz
  • : Feb 7, 2014

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