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Supporting Underdogs at H&P Animal Alliance

by Carole Feeny |

We are pleased to have our first BOGO recipient from the state of Arkansas! H & P Animal Alliance is a foster-based group who saves dogs from rural counties in Arkansas. They also have partners in the Northeast who are able to receive dogs when the call for help goes out. This mighty group of dedicated animal lovers are not only racing against the clock to save and care for dogs in need, but they are also on the front lines of controlling over population through their spay and neuter program. HPAA is just the kind of group we are SO happy to be highlighting and helping, because they are pure proof that Supporting the Underdog can save lives!

We asked one of their volunteers, Jennifer Pinson, about being a part of HPAA:

Our program is foster based, so we can only help as many dogs as we have temporary homes for. We are constantly begging for fosters to open their hearts and homes to a dog in need. It’s such a rewarding experience! We usually have anywhere from 5-15 dogs in our program. Most of the dogs come from rural county shelters where there isn’t much adoption traffic (if any), but we also help dogs that are abandoned. We do not take owner surrenders.

HPAA is known for pulling dogs from rural shelters where their time is running out. We work with partners in the Northeast who can take our dogs as well. SNIP is our low cost spay and neuter program that has really made a mark in our community.

The most rewarding part of volunteering is knowing that a dog has a second chance because of you. To see a dogs personality start to shine, to hear that sigh that shows they have finally felt comfortable enough to relax, and to see them find a home that they so much deserve is what I love about fostering. I love fostering for HPAA because we are all there for each other. Whether it’s with advice, transport help, or just someone to listen when the downs of rescue get to us, HPAA volunteers are like none other!

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