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by Carole Feeny |

  • : Summer is a very special girl. She and her brother Thumper have taught everyone what it means to never give up and that life may not always be fair but if you accept what you are given then you can overcome anything.
  • : When the rescue asked if I could foster deaf and blind sibling puppies I was so unsure. But I knew the moment I saw their pictures that we were their only hope. There were three siblings born in that litter that were deaf and blind. I took two, Thumper and Summer, and another foster took the brother Hachi which she ended up keeping. Thumper had a little vision in his one eye so he was more independent. Summer relied on her brother to get around and for comfort. The two were inseparable and we're doing great here with the rest of the pack. Thumper and Summer were an inspiration to everyone. They came in fom Georgia where it was said they should be euthanized there because blind and deaf was no way to live. Little did they know these two could do anything every other dog could do and better. They were unstoppable. Until one day when Thumper couldn't breath. Within 2 hours he went from a bouncy puppy to a very sick one that landed him in the ER for 3 days. He fought really hard and everyone around him fought next to him. Unfortunately our little Thumper could not beat the sickness which leads back to poor breeding. Our sweet Thumper gained his angel wings which left Summer here without her rock and support. Over the next week Summer had to learn to adjust to the new routine that no longer included her brother. It was not easy for her but with the help of the other dogs in the household she slowly started to learn what she needed to do. But something always seemed wrong. Like she was missing her better half. The house was just not the same. They had lived in this house together for almost two months and now she seemed so lonely. A little 5 month old puppy lost without her brother was so hard to watch. So when Hachi's mother stepped up and said she would love to adopt Summer so that the siblings could be reunited I cried and cried from emotions. Yes I would miss Summer because she is all I had left of Thumper who was my little baby here but I knew Summer needed this. To be with her brother was priceless. And that is how Summer found her forever home, one where our angel Thumper can now look over both of his siblings under one roof.
  • : A Georgia rescue partner contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC asking if we could take 3 blind and deaf puppies. We could not say no.
  • : Wendy (adopter) Athena (foster mom)
  • : Summer came to us from GA on June 25th 🙂

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