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Sully Strong

by Carole Feeny |

: Sully has taught me patience and that life throws you curve balls and as long as you keep a good attitude, you can get through anything 🙂
: Sully's rescue story began last year, December 2014. He was found in a dumpster with a badly broken leg. He was turned into a shelter/rescue by a Good Samaritan. I was only supposed to be his temporary foster, while a friend went out of town. This is when I learned his leg wasn't going to be treated, and instead he "would be a gimpy dog". I decided to adopt him and get him the required surgeries to repair his leg and give him the best quality of life. He had his first surgery March 2015 and his second July 2015. He has an external fixator to lengthen and straighten his leg. Sully needs the external fixator for 40 days to add 4cm to his leg's length. Sully is a true underdog. He has his own Facebook page, Sully Strong, for his fans to keep up with his progress. He will be available for adoption once his leg is fully healed. #projectbluecollar #supporttheunderdog #sullystrong
: He was originally found in a dumpster.. I got him from a rescue/shelter where they weren't going to treat his badly broken leg
: Ashley
: Gotcha day 12/2/2014

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