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Pittie2020 August 2015 Winners

by Carole Feeny |

WOW! Another great month of FUN in the #Pittie2020 contest! A huge THANK YOU to John Flores of IPittyTheBull for his dedication to Pittie2020. As the manager of Pittie2020 last month, he got to decide the beneficiary of the Pittie2020 store giveback and Fresno Bully Rescue will be getting $437 as a result of his efforts. High paws, John, and thanks for your great energy and enthusiasm in promoting this important initiative!

ThePittie2020 co-sponsors, Fetch Eyewear, Jolly Pets, and Project Blue Collar, along with IPittyTheBull, huddled up to exchange ideas and came up with the following categories based on the variety of entries we received: Best Dressed, Most Creative, Most Fly, Best Frames, and Best Pittie Rocker. And like every month, we also have Sponsor’s Picks and Honorable Mention categories as well.

And the winners are….


Can you here the ukelele? The sounds of waves in the distance? The swish of the grass skirts on hula dancers? From the pineapple glasses to the drink with a tiny umbrella, @tomfooleryfarley truly gives us a post card moment in this Hawaii inspired picture. Who wouldn’t greet his oh-so-tolerant pibble with a warm aloha? Mahalo for participating in Pittie2020!


One look at Meaty and you know who your prom date’s gonna be. Can you even stand how dapper this hunky little dude is?! He was a clear frontrunner for the Best Dressed category among all the Pittie2020 sponsors this month. Huge thanks to @loveabulllisa for the multiple entries and providing us with countless smiles. We love your boy!




If Fleur was a librarian and you had an overdue book to return, would you be a little worried about what kind of fine you’d have to pay? We got a little distracted by that most adorable shiny, pouty lower lip, though. Thanks Leslie Petit Vinson of @cheetaries for this photo and your effort to get people to “see them more clearly.” You have a gem in Fleur.


More cowbell, please! Check out the rocker good looks of this gorgeous guitar-wielding pibble. Thank you for capturing this pose in an artsy way, @planetridiculous – your pibble can be on our album cover any time!





Brax is so boss, so the man, so FLY! We love what a Dogfather this guy looks like. We’d sit right there on that bench and tell him that if we could. Thank you @laurenelisabeth44 for creatively capturing your fly guy for us!



@laredo_thepitbullmix, you are so handsome in those shades! Thanks for representing Fetch and Pittie2020 so well!


@valentinothepitbull can we come swimming with you? Make sure you don’t forget your sunscreen!


Get John Lennon-esque glasses on a pit bull and have him wear a mini bowler hat, and you get this memorable image! Thanks Lya Ashley of @chickwdogs for this hilarious picture and showing your pittie for the wonderfully goofy dog he is.


Hey Hagan, we’ll meet you in the Haight Ashbury. You’re one groovy kind of dog! We think this might be our first pittie hippie entry and we couldn’t resist making him our PBC pick. Peace out, bro – all you need is love. Thank you Rachel Grey Lyons for your creative entry into Pitti2020!


Pepper and Snow by @doubledianty








Milo the Mystery Pibble by @mysterypibble








Trunks by @trunksthepit








Baby Rose and Kurtis by @ittybittycommity







By @face_fruit









Tino (aka Willie Nelson) by Joy Eubanks



All category winners will receive a gift certificate from Fetch Eyewear good for One Free Order Up To $165; a Pittie2020 T-shirt of their choice from Project Blue Collar and a Jolly Pets toy donation to a rescue of their choice.


From Fetch Eyewear: Winner receives a $85 gift certificate from Fetch

From Jolly Pets: Winner receives a Jolly Pet toy.

From Project Blue Collar: Winner receives a Pittie2020 T-shirt.

From IPittyTheBull: Winner receives a Pittie2020 T-shirt.


All Honorable Mentions will receive a Match Your Pit Kit from Project Blue Collar.

If you are a winner, please drop us a note here:


Show your pibble pride and get your Pittie2020 swag! Every month, 20% of the sales through the Pittie2020 store is donated to a pit bull rescue to support their lifesaving work. Do your part an help the public SEE THEM MORE CLEARLY by sharing the Pittie2020 initiative far and wide.

SHOP PITTIE2020 HERE or bookmark this link to share with friends:

For more information about WHY we started Pittie2020, click here.

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