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Sugar Booger aka Shuggie

by Carole Feeny |

  • : Oh where to start!!!!! We had never owned a "Pit Bull" and yes we were those humans who had been brainwashed by the media......Shuggie changed all that for us and our family:)
  • : A face came across my computer screen and instantly I connected with a picture a million miles away!!!! My family thought I was crazy however I knew deep in my soul that we were meant to be:) This is our story: When I was a young pup someone was really mean to me and hit me on my head with a 2x4 or a bat or maybe even a rock and I was attacked by another dog, next thing I knew my head was swollen and I wasn’t feeling very well and that was the last thing I remember.....I was then at the Hall County Animal Shelter in Georgia where I was taken to the back and put on the table a really nice lady named Dr. Seabolt was examining me to see the extent of my injuries………… I wasn’t ready to leave this world my long tail wagged and I gave her a lick and well she just couldn’t put me to sleep! Dr. Seabolt made the decision to save my life it was a rough and rockey road but after some surgeries and a while in the shelter my time became limited at the shelter even though I was a staff favorite they are a High Intake Shelter. My face was put on facebook I was shared lots by many good people so much so that I made it to the Patrick Miracle Network page where I had thousands of shares! My mom seen my picture come across her computer screen and she had no idea that in 24 hours that she would be in for one heck of a ride. You see my mom was all the way in Michigan so it took lots of calling and e-mails, phone calls and crying and lots more stuff to try to get a rescue to pull me and get me transport but everyone kept telling my mom she had to give up. That’s when a miracle happened a lady Misty left a message on the thread of my picture and said call her not the shelter, that the shelter is overloaded with calls so my mom did and within 25 minutes my mom had Misty who volunteered at the shelter pull me and I went home with Misty!! The next part was getting me to Michigan mom talked to Aunt Misty & Uncle George (misty's husband) that night they talked about how to get me to Michigan then "OH BOY" my mom decided she and Grammy would make the trip on a Friday and bring me home and within 2 days I was in Michigan and the rest is happily ever after;) Got Rescued on Sept 22, 2011 My name is Sugar Booger
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  • : Julie Ann
  • : September 22, 2011

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